The Coronavirus is Spreading

The newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCoV that has been spreading in China since December 2019, has started to spread in other countries due to travellers. As it is highly probable, that the virus is transmitted from person to person, travellers in the affected regions should take appropriate protective measures. A reliable method to protect yourself from coming into direct contact with the virus is to wear respiratory or protective masks and gloves. Another protective measure is the regular use of hand sanitisers. we recommend the use of preparations with virucidal effects.

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European Healthcare Facilities Should Prepare Themselves

Surgeries and hospitals should be prepared for patients with the new coronavirus to present themselves for examination and treatment. Patients showing the corresponding symptoms should be asked, whether they have recently been aboard or whether they came into contact with a potentially infected person. Patients who may be infected should be presented with appropriate protective measures to prevent the virus from spreading to medical staff and other patients.

We have put together an assortment of products that are needed when coming into contact with people, who are infected with the coronavirus. With us, you will not only find protective masks but also disposable gloves, protective clothing and face masks for patients.

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